- Access Control Systems -

At Coles Cables, we understand that all business big or small, have important assets that need to be protected from burglary and theft. As most buildings are secured inadequately with a simple lock and key, the property is at greater risks of theft and damage. As a result, we offer the design and installation of the latest access control technologies that will safeguard your property. Coles Cables takes great care to only install market leading door access systems from Paxton Access and offer a 5-year warranty and yearly maintenance for your added peace of mind.

Systems we install range from wired or wireless single door operations, to multiple doors operated from multiple apartments or even office spaces. We can adapt all systems to have door automation mechanisms for door lock releasing, maximising your building's security. We offer our clients a wide range of options, including colour CCTV video and proximity fob systems, which will guarantee you only allow access to people you know.

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Enhanced Office Security

Installing a high-tech access control system will allow you to control access to all entrances to your building and offices. Doors can be set to lock automatically when closed and only open when a particular pin or card is presented. These systems allow you to ensure that no one not working at your premises can gain entry to your building and that only certain personnel are allowed into restricted areas. All door entry systems are fully integrated with your PC, which means that you can be fully aware of whoever is on your premises at any time.

Planned Access Control Solutions

Our highly skilled technicians will assess your company’s needs and recommend the best solution for you. We will install the system with minimal disruption to your business, ensuring its efficient running at all times.

Our Access Control Systems

Digital Entry - This is an affordable access control solution that ensures the basic protection of your premises. We install a wall-mounted keypad, allowing swift access via a number code which is entered into the system. A drawback is that the pin can easily be shared.
Card Swipe Entry - With this system, magnetic stripe encoder cards are physically swiped to gain access to a building. Although more expensive, this system is more secure than the pin entry system, as only those with registered identity cards are granted access.
Proximity Entry - This system grants access by using a wall-mounted reader to recognise a security card in close vicinity. This system is similar to the card system with the added convenience of not needing to swipe the card.
Audio and Video Entry - TThis system requires speech and visual confirmation before an individual can gain access to the building or office. Voice and appearance are a much more reliable means of confirming identity than security cards, as these can be stolen or passed around.
Biometric Door Entry - This is the most secure system, using fingerprint recognition and retina reading technology to identify staff and grant access.

Why Install An Access Control System
  • Minimizes the need for security staff.
  • Integrates with doors, gates, car park barriers, CCTV and elevator doors.
  • Allows you to record staff attendance.
  • Increases security in and around your office or building.

Stand-alone single door kit

Switch2 is a stand-alone system consisting of a separate single door controller and reader. Switch2 offers a secure solution for customers wishing to control access and user movements.

Video Door Entry Systems

Net2 Entry is a door system that works as a standalone system or alongside Net2 access control, combining door entry with key features of Net2. Some features of this system include:
Three components, namely a monitor, panel, and door controller
A slimline panel available in flush, surface, and rain-hood versions
SIP compatibility that allows doors to be answered from a smartphone, tablet, or PC
Intruder alarm integration
Camera pan/tilt functionality
Additional IP cameras
Video voicemail
5-year warranty